The Homeric Hymns by Andre Lang

Full title: The Homeric Hymns; A New Prose Translation and Essays, Literary and Mythological

The hymns, as stated in this book, are probably "preludes to the recitation of the Homeric or other cantos or are preludes to epic recitations." For a mythology enthusiast like myself, this book is a great addition to my collection. Andrew Lang looks at these hymns and provides background and insight as to their meaning and purpose. It's a bonus that the hymns are translated into prose for easier reading

I don't recommend skipping the introduction and the essays because reading the translations will not make sense unless the reader is already familiar with the stories. Some hymns, although some tell stories, are incomplete. The essays in the first part serve as introduction, summary, and provide the explanation for the longer hymns. I also recommend this book to readers who have more than a casual interest in classical mythology.

Rating: 9 out of 10